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Sharp expertise in various communication specialities, delivered from the heart of Europe

Create Desire & Growth
How ?

Taking care with passion and expertise, from strategic recommendation until perfect execution

We believe in specialisation :
our people show very deep knowledge
in their areas of expertise
Most commercial staff are
experienced advertisers coming from
your side of the business
D Deep dive

Everything starts from an in-depth understanding of the market, «the Deepdive» where we gather consumer insights. This initial stage, in wich our clients are closely involved, generates the rational and emotional insights on which our creative work will be based. Tipically it involves a day field visit with client’s best salesman.

N New ideas

New big idea and later big picture generated by our creative team combining experience across all sectors. This results in thinking «out of the box», well beyond traditional design parameters.

A Acid test

Every solution we come up with must pass «The acid test», designed in cooperation with the client, ranging from building panel surveys to market research. Together we define the needed indicators to validate possible creative routes or solutions.

Efficiency & Creativity Efficiency & Creativity

We always focus on ROI for our customers
Our concepts are mixing emotion with rationality

Word of the founder

Our base camp is a beautiful farmhouse that is connected to the world.

It’s a great place to work, bristling with positive energy and passion. You hear 4 languages in the corridors. You meet people of different origins and cultures. Every day, it hosts discussions of incredible depth. This diversity is already a great source of motivation every day.

But at Strategie our main drive is you, our clients. And – of course – your clients! Each morning we get to the office to create desire in them. The desire to try your products and then stay loyal to them.

We are attached to our clients as many of us were clients in a previous life. So what attracts experienced marketeers to us? Most likely the way we understand your issues, your needs and your challenges – as well as those of your clients.

We refuse mediocrity and the superficial. Both strategists and creators, we aim to be pertinent and translate this into quality creations by taking a sharp new look at things.

We also refrain from trying to do everything. We carefully select the disciplines we use, concentrating on the ones we really master.

Needless to say, staying on top requires work – lots of work. And that’s what we love! Because what we want to stimulate is growth. For you, your brands and your products. But also that of our employees. And even the trees in our garden.

Nothing makes us more proud than to contribute to growth, particularly if it prompts you to entrust us with other projects. For that, we are always ready to confront them with the same creative drive.

Welcome to Strategie